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A Ptolemaic Sign-List

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Untertitel: Hieroglyphs Used in the Temples of the Graeco-Roman Period of Egypt A Ptolemaic Sign-List Hieroglyphs Used in the Temples of the Graeco-Roman Period of Egypt
Verlag: Backe-Verlag
Autor: Dieter Kurth
Seiten: 222
Sprache: englisch
ISBN: 978-3-9810869-9-7
Preis: 27,90 Euro
Porto (innerhalb DE): 1,80 Euro
Gewicht: Gramm

After the publication of the Einführung ins Ptolemäische in 2007/08 it would seem that there is a certain interest among students and perhaps also among the larger public in an abridged English version of the sign-list that forms part of the first volume of the Einführung. Accordingly this book contains only the sound-values and the word-values of the hieroglyphic signs and dispenses with the references to the textual sources from which the values are derived – with the exception of the additional values, the sources of which are referred to in the footnotes. The additions included in the second volume of the Einführung as well as others the author happened upon later have been integrated. For this reason the abridged version may perhaps be useful not only for the laity interested in Egyptology but also for the professional Egyptologist. Moreover it offers the opportunity to search through the whole sign-list rapidly examining the sources only in case of a doubtful value.